Joo Seung Woo Habla de la personalidad de Koo Hye Sun

Salio este, por le momento se lo dejo en inglés, jejeje yo sé que habra quien lo comprenda mejor que yo jajajaja por el momento.

Jo Seung Woo talks about Ku Hye Sun’s personality

September 23, 2012 5:00 pm hannacha

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Recently, actor Jo Seung Woo shared his opinion about Ku Hye Sun’s personality.

The discussion about Ku’s personality will be revealed in the episode of MBC’s Section TV Celebrity News that airs on September 23. Her character is discussed during the interview of Jo Seung Woo and Ryu Duk Hwan, the main cast of director Ku’s second full-length film, Peach Tree.

Ryu Duk Hwan begins to talk about Ku Hye Sun as he states, “I think she is a genius.” But Jo Seung Woo drops a bombshell as he says, “I saw Ku scolding people on the set and distracting director Jo often. As I hear from some staff members, she’s got a sharp temper.”

Also, Ku reveals that she had to cast Jo Seung Woo and Ryu Duk Hwan on her own, the two actors who look quite similar in real life, for the twin brother characters.

Peach Tree is about Siamese twins and it will premiere on October 31.
•Source: TV Report


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